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Servers up again!

Oct 13 2016 13:06 | posted by naPalm

All servers have been restored to normal operation.

Thanks for your patience!

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Servers offline due to a TF2 update

Oct 13 2016 10:43 | posted by Bud

It's that time of the year again: Valve breaks all custom servers without really adding anything to the game.

All HmX servers are down until further notice. Napalm will work on a fix, so expect them to be up again soon.

UPDATE: Everything is online again.

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New Staff Members!

Aug 28 2016 13:33 | posted by naPalm

Due to their continuous efforts towards improving HmX, we have decided to promote @TinCro, @Bud, @Mikusch and @ to the Staff position!

Congratulations on behalf of the Staff team and thank you once again for sticking with HmX for so long!

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Sprays update

Aug 26 2016 14:18 | posted by naPalm


I've fixed the SprayTrace plugin that sometimes wasn't showing the spray management menu. Here are a few changes:
  • Spray menu can now also be brought up by holding your reload key (previously you could only use the alt-attack one)
  • Admins can now remove and bloack a spray. Blocking a spray means the user won't be able to spray it again for the whole duration of the map.

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New Helpers!

Aug 19 2016 19:39 | posted by naPalm

Congratulations to @An Anthony™, @SnaQii and @A Freckin' Bus for attaining the Helper rank!

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HmX TF2 Premium changes!

Jul 23 2016 15:37 | posted by naPalm

HmX TF2 Premium packages have been extended, and the official prices in TF2 Mann Co. Keys are now available!

The changes are as follows:
  • Duration of Bronze package extended to 2 months
  • Duration of Silver package extended to 3 months
  • Duration of Gold package extended to 4 months
All current premium users have had their subscriptions automatically updated to reflect the recent changes (aka: your premium's duration has been extended as listed above).

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New TF2 admins promoted!

Jul 10 2016 11:30 | posted by naPalm

Congratulations to @YoBro, @Live™ and @BirdE for passing their trials and being awarded the title of TF2 Admin!

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New admin trialists!

Jun 16 2016 13:19 | posted by naPalm

Congratulations to @YoBro, @Live™ and @BirdE for becoming TF2 Admin Trialists!

The trial will last one week, and @Izotope and @Waffles will be your coaches to guide you through the process of becoming a TF2 Admin, so feel free to contact them for more details!

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Admin applications now over!

Jun 12 2016 14:19 | posted by naPalm

The admin application period is now over!

The Staff team will review each application and publish the results soon.

Good luck to all our applicants!

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Admin applications are now open!

Jun 05 2016 10:09 | posted by naPalm

The admin applications are now open once again!

Make a thread in this section, following the template, to apply to become an admin on the HmX servers. The staff members will vote on each application in a private forum section and then publish the results in 1 week.

The applications will be open until Sunday, 12 June 2016 at 12:00 CET.

Good luck!

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