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Winterhill updated and re-added

Jan 30 2017 20:48 | posted by naPalm

@SnaQii has fixed and updated dr_winterhill and it's now been added to the servers as dr_winterhill_hmx1a!



Changes from dr_winterhill_beta2:

-Map has been optimized, since the creator of the map decided not to do basic optimization.
-2 overlays have been removed, as they would cause error messages in console.
-+use can now be used to activate traps.
-AFK killer and motivator now starts 40 seconds earlier.
-Damage per second, after falling off the map, has been increased to prevent timewasting.
-Trap 3 is no longer blockable.
-Fixed visual inconsistency with platforms.
-Platforms and doors can no longer be exploited with shotgun.
-Fixed unintentional ways of escaping multiple traps.
-The speed of the cart has been doubled.
-You can no longer jump around the boxes.
-Rockettrap is now a bit faster.
-Giant rocks have been completely reworked(You shouldn't notice a huge difference).

Sorry if I forgot to mention anything.

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Deathrun Map updates

Jan 27 2017 18:17 | posted by Bud

Hello everybody,

During the last weeks, our mappers have been busy creating and fixing all kinds of deathrun maps. Here is a comprehensive list:
  • dr_firetemple_b1, an exclusive new map, created by Bert54
  • dr_wooden_hmx1, fixed by Kennyluz
  • dr_divinity_hmxfix1, fixed by Kennyluz
  • dr_egypt_v6fix1, fixed by SnaQii
  • dr_supermario64_v6b_fix, fixed by Bert54
All maps have been tested extensively, but if you do find bugs then don't hesitate to report them at our forums: http://hmxgaming.com...4-deathrun-247/

Have fun!

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New chat filter in place

Jan 15 2017 17:54 | posted by DubstepZZZ

why u remove best abot hmX u stuopid admin???

i play evedyday now u bug this! i do not play more if u no fix

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New chat filter in place

Jan 15 2017 14:08 | posted by naPalm

A chat filter has been added to all servers.

This filter will block any message not containing English words and punctuation.

Special characters other than punctuation marks and other basic ones will not be allowed anymore.

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dr_missing updated!

Nov 05 2016 14:55 | posted by naPalm

Our lovely @SnaQii has once again updated a map and fixed some of the bugs that were reported by the players!



New version: dr_missing_hmx

* Removed delays from all traps.
* Added teleporters for activator, making it easier to keep up with bhoppers.

Tesla(trap): Halfed the time it takes for barrier to block exit from trap.

Wall push(trap): Added playerclip infront of trap, when activated, to prevent people from bhopping past.

Moving platforms: Platforms are now func_tracktrain, preventing people from stopping platforms.

Second trap after platforms: Added playerclips, to prevent people from completely avoiding the trap.

Bottle explosion(trap): Added a trigger_hurt, to make sure people die when inside the blast radius.

Rocks(trap after bottles): Added playerclips on both sides of this trap, when activated, to prevent people from bhopping out of there, since it takes time for the rocks to land on the runner's path.
Additionally fixed activator from being able to die by the rocks.

Path flip(trap): Added a playerclip infront of the trap, when activated, to prevent people from bhopping past.

Tesla2(trap): Now an instakill, as bhoppers in particular wouldn't die from the trap.

Circle platform(trap): You can no longer bhop around it, to completely avoid it.

Last trap: Added playerclip infront of trap, when activated, to prevent people from bhopping past it before rocks can fall.

Minigame: Teleport to minigame now disables when entered(So people don't enter when minigame is in progress).
Fixed various ways to get ontop of minigame and break the minigame.

I hope this will make the map more balanced for the activator, and thereby more enjoying to play.

Notice that the "non-spawning-traps" bug might still happen as it appears to be linked to how the map was originally created/compiled.


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Cocainum summer version is back!

Oct 31 2016 21:34 | posted by naPalm

Here at HmX we love our memes.
This is why we're re-adding the summer version of Cocainum to the servers, replacing the Christmas one, until December!
You can read the change log here to see what we've updated and fixed.
Big thank you to @Mikusch for fixing the map!

Happy gaming!

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Egypt and Divinity updated!

Oct 28 2016 23:10 | posted by naPalm

dr_egypt_v4 and dr_divinity have been updated and fixed by the almighty @SnaQii!

Egypt's new version name is dr_egypt_f5_final and the changelog can be found here.
Divinity's game-breaking trap bugs have been fixed and its new name is dr_divinity_hmx.

Once again, thanks to @SnaQii for these changes!

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Servers up again!

Oct 13 2016 13:06 | posted by naPalm

All servers have been restored to normal operation.

Thanks for your patience!

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Servers offline due to a TF2 update

Oct 13 2016 10:43 | posted by Bud

It's that time of the year again: Valve breaks all custom servers without really adding anything to the game.

All HmX servers are down until further notice. Napalm will work on a fix, so expect them to be up again soon.

UPDATE: Everything is online again.

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New Staff Members!

Aug 28 2016 13:33 | posted by naPalm

Due to their continuous efforts towards improving HmX, we have decided to promote @TinCro, @Bud, @Mikusch and @ to the Staff position!

Congratulations on behalf of the Staff team and thank you once again for sticking with HmX for so long!

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