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Erectin' a minecraft!

Whelp, after a week of neck pains, the minecraft server is good enough to boot!

Server IP:

The server is whitelisted, so to get on, you first have to link your forum account with your minecraft username by clicking Here!(Thank you Napalm!)

You will (Hopefully) arrive in a portal room once you first spawn. There will be 2 open portals, survival and creative. To return to the spawn room at any point anywhere, type /spawn into chat.

The server comes with two slightly game changing mods. These mods are:


I suggest reading up on those mods for a list of commands on how to use them if you're interested in teaming up and leveling abilities.

There's also the commands
Used to set a home location and teleport it.
Teleportation is rather overpowered in this large game... So it has a 15 second delay before you teleport where if you get attacked in this time, it will cancel.

I hope to hold some events in future for you all to enjoy! I have in mind things like hunger game style events.
Since this is my first time setting up a mincraft server so large, please report any bugs on the forum or directly to me as soon as possible.
I plan to make some improvements while you are all sleeping and no one is online, so expect minor changes in the future (Like those pesky mobs in the build world... Hueck...)

For any other command help in game, type /help in minecraft chat or ask a HmXStaff member.

Thanks and have fun!