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HmX Slender Fortress 2 server released!

We're proud to announce HmX now has a Slender Fortress 2 server!

Server IP:

What's Slender Fortress?

A mod originating from the NewLunarRepublic group that was opened to public beta-testing since February 8, 2013, created by Kit o' Rifty.

Slender Fortress is based on Mark J. Hadley's "Slender: The Eight Pages" freeware game.

How to play:

Red Team:

Your main objective is to collect the number of pages that are scattered throughout the map. Once all pages are collected, if the map allows, your team needs to escape the map to win and wreck havoc on the Blue Team as your reward!

Or just complete the round with no reward in the end, again it depends on the map.

Blue Team:

You are seated in a waiting area. The game then chooses the players based on the number of queue points each player has at the start of each round, similar to what Freak Fortress 2 and VS. Saxton Hale has.

There are various objectives you can do in the map while waiting, such as spectating the Red team by going into Ghost Mode so you can see what they see, hear what they hear, and feel how they feel, in a way.

What, a non-customized mod on HmX?

Yes. I'm pretty busy with the Premium project which has just entered the open Beta stage, but I will be customizing this mod for Premium players.
Other modifications will depend on how much free time I have and how difficult such modification is. Keep in mind this mod is publicly available and updated almost everyday, and besides it's already pretty much complete itself, not allowing much space for further customization.

Hope you all enjoy the new server! See you there!

    how do i join im new